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    JBOSS is crashing..

    navin augustin Newbie

      I have deployed EJB's of my application in JBoss 3.0.8 server. The application is running pretty good. Java.exe usually runs occupying around 200MB of memory. Once in a while, it shoots to 1GB within minutes and the CPU Usage of the server goes to almost 100%. I used Java Service Wrapper to run JBoss as a service. When JBoss shoots to 100%, wrapper usually throws an error "JVM could not get CPU Time for 25 seconds".

      After few seconds, server runs out of memory and throws OutOfMemoryException. I enabled the log in DEBUG mode and checked the log when the error happens. There are no suspecting memory leaks in the application. So, it has to be outside of Source Code.

      Any help is really apprecited.