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    EJB3 - Transaction - Timeout

    Ioannis Giotis Newbie

      Although I am a newbie to JBoss, I need to do some quite advanced things with it as member of a software project. Here is the thing:

      I have classes extracting information from websites. The extraction is always completed (I can see the System.out messages of my server) and after that I start a user transaction to write these information to my database (PostgreSQL 8.1.9). My persistence provider is Hibernate.

      Now, sometimes when there is a lot of data to enter to the db and this takes also a lot of time (i.e. extracted information from 5 or more websites) the Hibernate series of insert and update queries won't even start.

      When I deal with less amount of data and of course less time the Hibernate queries start and finish normally and all extracted information is visible to my application.

      Has this something to do with EJB3 timeouts or something? Or maybe are EJB3 capable to handle limited amount of data?

      Sorry if my questions are naive...but I'm just starting working with JBoss and EJB3.

      thnx in advance...