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    EJB3 Timer and AS restart

    Amit Bafna Newbie


      I have a set of scheduled task in my application that fire off based on EJB3 timers at defined interval. Timing for scheduled tasks goes haywire after server restart as if current state is not stored.

      The timers expire as expected until a server restart. On server restart, timers are recreated and they expire immediately since initial date/time is in the past instead of expiring at next time out. From this point onwards timers expire after interval duration milliseconds have passed i.e. after interval millisecond duration since last server restart and timer recreation.

      I am using JBoss 4.2.2.GA

      Anyone else faced this problem?

      Is there any configuration that can be changed to store the timer state such that timers expire only at next time out and not immediately?

      Or, is this expected behavior? If so, it sounds like a bug.