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    502, Bad Gateway.

      I have developed and deployed Coldfusion webservices(using Bludragon for J2ee)in JBoss applications server. but, While invoking this webservices I am experiencing an error "502 Bad Gateway".
      For some webservices which take less time the Apache tomcat server(with in JBOSS) returns a valid response(o/p) but for some webservices which take a little extra time(30seconds to 1minutes) for processing it returns a response "502: bad gateway" even before the code has completed processing the request and is trying to send the response.

      I have read some where that "socket timeout" directive in Apache tomcat server's configuration file should be increased or is not set right.
      Can anyone let me know where to find the file in my installation?
      How do I set the variable?
      What is default if the variable is not earlier?
      How does it work?

      Thanks in advance.