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3528 port not bound

Rui Vilao Newbie


I'm new to JBoss and I have a series of questions that I can't find answers to.

I'm currently using JBoss 4.2.3.GA.

1. Is there anything that I have to do when I'm deploying a bean that I want to access through IIOP? Currently I'm specifying a mappedName at the Stateless annotation and a remote home class at the RemoteHome annotation. The bean deploys with no errors, the problem is when I try to access it.

2. I noticed that the standard JBoss IIOP port (3528) is not bound (Does this mean that the "service" that is supposed to take care of the requests is not running? [Sorry if these aren't the correct terms])... I'm not sure where I configure this but I checked the jacorb.properties file under the conf directory and the port section looks like this

# This are the IIOP ports officially assigned to JBoss by IANA:

So I assume the ports are correct, and the iiop-listener directives under domain.xml under my .personalDomain looks like this:

<iiop-listener id="orb-listener-1" address="" port="8434" enabled="true" security-enabled="false"/>

This port is not bound either.

3. What factory class do I use to access? Currently I tested with lot of classes like:
org.jboss.iiop.naming.ORBInitialContextFactory (What jar should I use in order to use this class?)

4. How is the URL formed in order to access? If I stand correct is something like iiop://server:port - Am I right?

Thank you in advance, and I'm sorry if this information is available somewhere, but I really couldn't find it.

Best regards,

Rui Vilao