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    Jsp without deploying...

    Paul Arundel Newbie


      What's the best way to set up JBoss so that you can edit JSPs live without redeploying everything? A similar question was asked a while back but the suggested solutions were links and both appear dead at the moment. So apologies if this has been answered before.....

      I'm using JBoss 2.2.2 with embedded tomcat.

      Cheers for any help offered ..


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          Feizal Mirza Newbie

          Hi Guys,

          Its really frustrating to redeploy war file after making a minor change to my JSP.

          I am using Jboss2.4.4-Catalina4.0.1. I didn't have this **ANNOYING*** problem with Jboss2.2-Tomcat3.2.3.

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.

          Someone please help.


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            Paul Arundel Newbie


            If you didn't have the problem with JBoss 2.2 how did you have it set up?


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              Tim Besser Newbie

              When using Tomcat 3, we were deploying in development by copying everything directly to a Tomcat 'webapps/XXX' directory. Took the build only seconds to update JSPs. Clearly repackaging would take a lot longer.

              This approach didn't work when we upgraded to JBoss with Tomcat 4 (or Jetty 3.1.3, to which we've switched) Here we took advantage of the 'unpackaged' deployment option of JBoss 2.4.4. Instead of using 'webapps/XXX' under Tomcat/Jetty, you deploy to a JBoss 'deploy/XXX.war' directory. (Note that XXX.war is a DIRECTORY, not a WAR file). This accomplishes the same.

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                JoshCo Newbie

                Can someone elaborate on the XXX.war/ directory
                unpackaged deployment ?
                I created a directory in ../deploy/foo.war/ and tried
                to drop JSPs into it. Is there something else I need to do?

                I have bought the book, but it doesnt seem to have a
                good simple walkthrough for running a simple JSP
                file without a whole package deployment.

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                  JoshCo Newbie

                  I'm a relative newbie to J2EE. Im attempting to move
                  some of my applications from Microsoft's platform to J2EE. I wanted to quickly move some ASPs to JSP
                  and play with JDBC, etc..

                  Specifically, I wanted to know how to get JBOSS
                  running and just drop a JSP file in place to run it.
                  This wasn't easy to figure out from the JBOSS documentation since a bunch of stuff about application
                  deployment/packaging seems ot be defined by the J2EE
                  spec, and not included in the JBOSS docs.

                  Anyway, if you are in a similar situation, this
                  quick howto may help you set up a simple JSP
                  with JBOSS without taxing too many brain cells....

                  have a look at:

                  Attached as well. (its small)