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Auto-deployment to a subset of Jetty listeners

Michael Prescott Newbie

I'm setting up a JBoss/Jetty instance to serve different applications on different IP addresses. I'd like to preserve the convenience of auto-deployment of .ear files, while restricting which IP addresses the web application gets bound to.

The way I'm approaching the problem so far is to create a second Jetty service. Jetty services are restricted to different IP's in their respective jetty.xml files.

Then make copies of the J2eeDeployer and AutoDeployer services to point to the second Jetty service.

Any comments are appreciated.


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    Jules Gosnell Novice


    I haven't tried putting multiple Jetty services into one JBoss, but I have thought about it.

    If you have any problems let me know and I shall try to resolve them.

    Does this mean you have multiple deploy directories - each deploying to a Jetty instance servicing a group of listeners ?

    virtual host support (configured in jboss-web.xml) went into RC1 - you might want to take a look.


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    Kevin Baker Newbie

    Any luck... I am trying to integrate multiple instances of jboss behind an Apache Proxy using ProxyPass.

    I have ProxyPass redirecting to a single instance of JBoss but am looking for a simple solution to setup virtual webs to separete .ear files....

    It would be great if these details could be configurated in the application.xml file... ;) ?