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    Deploying a simple ear file


      I am trying to deploy the atached ear file. It is the tutorial found on the Sun web site. I can run it inside JBuilder/tomcat no problem. But running it in JBoss is not happening. I am trying to access the first JSP via

      Anyhelp would be appreciated. I feel as if I am at an end here.

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          I just tried it.

          It is looking for a class called
          that is not in the ear.


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            Thanks Adrian,

            I am new so this may seem nieve. I have removed the line specifiying that class from the web.xml file. From further reading, it seems that this is a bug in Jbuilder 5. No problem, easy enough to remove.

            Now, I have rebuilt the .EAR without a problem and dropped it into the deploy directory.

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              Sorry , pressed the wrong button....

              Anyway, as I was saying, I have built the EAR and deployed again and there appears to now be an error with deployment. Something about a child name not being unique.

              OK, so I changed the names of the values of the children in web.xml. Still no luck and the same error.

              Any ideas? I've included the new ear file. I would really appreciate any help that anyone may have.



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                I would think the correct solution is to add the
                class to WEB-INF/classes or its jar to WEB-INF/lib


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                  OK, it seems that I have found the answer for now. What I did was use Sun's J2EE deploy tool instead of Jbuilder's. This generated a new web.xml file inside the WAR and presto, it worked. For some reason, it appears as if JBuilder's generated web.xml is not perfect for JBoss. Have you had any similar results? (providing you use JBuilder that is...)