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    JBoss Developer Studio - Starting/Publishing and Security

    Joseph Cichocki Newbie

      I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on this issue:

      I am new to jboss and recently downloaded the JBoss Developer Studio. I created a sample project, but when I attempt to launch an instance of jboss as I am prompted for "Server Credentials" for JMX.

      I have tried using all the possible user/pass from the login-config.xml and it's reference to soa-users.properties. (We are currently evaluating the SOA Platform).

      This issue also occurs with the EAP instance installed via the Developer Studio install.

      Developer Studio is Version: 2.0.0.GA.... It does not look the like logged console in eclipse would be of much value. It looks like everything started successfully.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions. If any further info is needed please let me know.