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    Tomcat/Jboss Integration

    J.D. Corbin Newbie

      Recently my deployed application was having problems finding keys from the ApplicationResources file which is part of Struts. Then a user of this board had me do the following which fixed the problem.

      Added attribute to tomcat41-service.xml

      I want to understand why this fixed the problem and if this raises and issue with Tomcat 4.1.x, JBOSS 3.0.x or both. With this attribute set to true(default) I was unable to run my application.


      p.s. In the meantime, I am going to the Tomcat site and try to get info on this attribute.

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          Michael Kloster Newbie

          I am not a Jboss expert. But, I read this in the free documentation (JBoss.3.0QuickStart.Draft3.pdf).

          Page 114 in a section titled "Configuring Tomcat":

          Java2ClassLoadingCompliance, enables the standard Java2 parent delegation class loading model rather than the servlet 2.3 load from war first model. This is true by default as loading from wars that include client jars with classes used by EJBs causes class loading conflicts. If you enable the servlet 2.3 class loading model by setting this flag to false, you will need to organize your deployment package to avoid duplicate classes in the deployment.

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            Jon Ferguson Newbie

            I cannot see exactly Why this works.. because the standard JBoss classloading is just flatter.. and should enable you to remove duplicates.. However it does!.. I wonder if there's something extra that Tomcat does to grab these classes and resources.. or perhaps there's a clash in the ext dir.??

            I'd like to hear what you find out!!