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    JSP response.sendRedirect problems

    farzu Newbie

      I am porting an application that runs on WebSphere and Silverstream to JBOSS, and i found something that works diferent when using a JSP redirect.

      My context-path is "dv".
      I am trying to redirect to "/main/main.jsp" by doing:
      a response.sendRedirect("/main/main.jsp").

      In WebSphere and Silverstream it internally concatenate the context-path and the URI becomes "/dv/main/main.jsp" when it hits the web server again.
      In the case of JBOSS (With Tomcat and Jetty) it don't concatename the context path and it don't find my page.
      If i concatename by hand the context path, i.e:
      response.sendRedirect(context-path+"/main/main.jsp"), now it works on JBOSS but
      not in the others.

      Anybody has had this problem before?
      Using Jboss3.2.2RC4 (tried both Tomcat/Jetty).