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    In "vanilla" JBoss 3.2.3, error-page in web.xml not recogniz

    john1 Newbie

      I have an application that works fine on one JBoss system, but on another, an error page specified in the web.xml for a particular exception doesn't work. (The error-page directive in general isn't doing anything.) Everything else in the application seems to work fine.

      The location element DOES start with a forward / (and, as I said, it works fine on another JBoss on another system).

      The exception and its root cause DO get logged.

      The .war deployed to the two systems are the same.

      Both are JBoss 3.2.3, JDK 1.4.2_03 on Windows XP.


      On the "bad" system, it also doesn't work on Tomcat 5.0, but it DOES work on the Sun J2EE RI (1.3.1).

      I'm stumped.

      John N.