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    Some questions about Ajax4Jsf components

    Rodison dos Santos Ferreira Newbie

      Hi people,

      I'm confusing about some components and their attributes involving h:dataTable and a4j:repeat. This is a list of questions:

      1 - For a4j:form, what exactly is the ajaxSubmit attribute? I've seen the example in documentation that say that I need a reRender attribute together with the ajaxSubmit, right?

      Just when I have a h:dataTable or a a4j:repeat inside a form, need I to use the ajaxSubmit? Or can I use it always?

      And, if my code is this:

      <a4j:form id="helloForm" ajaxSubmit="true" reRender="myTable">
      <htm:table id="myTable">
      <htm:td><t:outputText value="My Header" /></htm:td>
      <a4j:repeat id="myRepeat" var="myRow" value="#{myBBean.data}">
      <htm:td><t:outputText value="#{row.name}" /></htm:td>

      Can I use in reRender attribute the value "myTable" or have I to use the value "myRepeat"?

      2 - For a4j:repeat component, what is the varState, ajaxKeys and rowKey attributes?

      Are there some code examples about the correct use of this attributes?

      In documentation there is an example of ajaxKeys component but it's hard to understand it. There are no code example of the backing bean used, just the jsps code.

      In documentation, in the "Note" section, the documentation talks about "rowKeys", "ajaxRowSet" and "ajaxKeys" but it doesn't explain them and it doesn't show how to used them in backing bean.

      Well, this is my questions, hehehe :)

      This questions is because I'm doing some tests using t:dataTables and a4j:repeat inside forms.

      Thanks for the attention.

      Best Regards,