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    Accessing PDF's



      sorry if this has appeared already somewhere. i tried to do a search in the forums on "display pdf" and received the following error:

      Cannot invoke the operation : the module threw an exception

      anyways, when wanting to provide access to files that are outside of the .ear, i can usually just throw them in the ~jbossweb.sar/ sub-tree. however, when i do this with .pdf's, my browser renders the raw data instead of invoking acrobat. so i've had to leave them on my old JServ server until i figure out what's going on. i've tried every conceivable port - 8080 through 8083, and i presume it's not ultimately an issue with my browser settings since my browser renders these files properly when downloading them from other servers.

      i'm using 3.2.4 on redhat es and jdk 1.4.2.

      does anyone have a suggestion on what to do about this?

      thank you,