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    How to login BEFORE accessing JAAS controlled restricted con

    davout Newbie

      have a web app running under JBoss 4.x I'm using JBoss based JAAS
      authentication to control access to restricted web app content. The web app is configured to use FORM based authentication.

      However, the default starting page of the web app is open and not subject to security constraints. On this same starting page I have a quick login
      facility that allows the user to type in their user ID and password and
      then click submit to login.

      Unlike standard web app restrictions which only activate once a web app
      tries to access restricted content, here on this open start page I'm doing
      the reverse - logging in first then going to a private page.

      Question is how do I pass the open page login data values to the JAAS system so that when I navigate to the first closed content it realizes that the user has already logged in?