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    Class Loader issues?

    David Clark Newbie

      Newbie Question about running an EJB/Struts application on Jboss 4.0.2.

      I have a EAR file that has this struture:
      - default.war <-Struts application
      - admin.war <- Struts application
      -project.jar <- contains ValueBean.class and all java classes
      - commons-xxx.jar files
      - struts-1.1.jar

      The source code is able to use the ValueBean class without issue. But the following in my JSP is throwing an errors;

      <html:option value="">Select</html:option>
      <html:options collection="states" property="value" labelProperty="value"/>

      Here is the error:
      javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: No getter method available for property value for bean under name states
      at org.apache.struts.taglib.html.OptionsTag.doEndTag(OptionsTag.java:252)

      Since I know the collection is being populated with a list of ValueBeans, I can only guess that this particular class is not being found by the JSP.

      So - is this a configuration issue? Can I have the project.jar in both the deploy/lib and the default.EAR file? This sounds like duplication and I know that can't be good.

      Thank you for any help -this is really frustrating!