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    Problems with .EAR file

    jean Newbie

      Hello, I would like to deploy (Jboss) mein web-application inside an .EAR file.
      The problem is that my .EAR file ist wrong packaged. I mean the .WAR-file inside .EAR file ist wrong packedeg. There are no .jsp-files inside, only the class-files and xml-files
      In my project I have a file pages and inside pages are all my .jsp-files.

      Please help me.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Are you saying that when you package you ear and war files, that they do not contain what you expected them to contain? If this is you question, what tool are you using to create the ear and war files?

          Or are you saying that you want to know what the contents of you ear and war file should look like?