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    form based logon, how to redirect to the requested page


      Hello, I have the following problem with
      form based login (webclient, I thik it is
      more a j2ee problem than jboss specific):

      1. The user requests a protected site

      2. JBoss displays a page to enter the password and username

      3. If the provided username and passwords are
      correct, then the user will be redirected to the requested site (1)

      When the user enters a wrong password, then the
      user will be redirected to loginerror page.

      How can the login-errorpage display a url of the
      requested site (1) so that he may enter the username
      and password again and will be redirected to the
      wanted site ? How can i get this formerly
      requested url in the login-errorpage ?

      Thanks a lot for your answers !