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    <a4j:page>  Required or not?

    Scott Stevenson Newbie

      I recently upgraded to MyFaces 1.1.5 / Tomahawk 1.1.5 and removed the <a4j:page> tags from my application as I understand that this is deprecated.

      All seems to work ok apart from my custom Ajax components (I have a custom Ajax datascroller and a custom Ajax sort header). If I remove the <a4j:page> tags then these no longer rerender as they should.

      The log WITHOUT the <a4j:page> tag looks like:

      debug[13:04:50,729]: Header Ajax-Update-Ids not found, search in <meta>
      debug[13:04:50,745]: search for elements by name 'meta' in element #document
      debug[13:04:50,745]: selectNodes found 2
      debug[13:04:50,760]: Find <meta name='Ajax-Update-Ids' content=''>
      warn[13:04:50,776]: No information in response about elements to replace
      debug[13:04:50,776]: call selectSingleNode for id= ajax-update-ids
      debug[13:04:50,792]: Hidden JSF state fields:
      debug[13:04:50,792]: search for elements by name 'input' in element span

      The log WITH the <a4j:page> tag looks like:

      debug[13:06:00,152]: Update page by list of rendered areas from response reportBuilderForm:LookupView:lookupListTab:lookupListTabView:lookupDatatable
      debug[13:06:00,167]: search for elements by name 'script' in element #document
      debug[13:06:00,167]: selectNodes found 4
      debug[13:06:00,183]: <script> in response with src=/NCCIP-Workstation/a4j.res/org.ajax4jsf.framework.ajax.AjaxScript.faces
      debug[13:06:00,199]: Such element exist in document
      debug[13:06:00,199]: <script> in response with src=/NCCIP-Workstation/faces/myFacesExtensionResource/org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.MyFacesResourceLoader/11769804/resourceLoading.DummyResourceLoaderComponent/datatable.js
      debug[13:06:00,214]: Such element exist in document
      debug[13:06:00,214]: search for elements by name 'link' in element #document
      debug[13:06:00,230]: selectNodes found 1

      So is the <a4j:page> tage still required? If not, what do I need to do to get my components working without it?

      I would really like to remove the <a4j:page> tags as these seem to cause problems for the fastFilter.

      I'm using version 1.0.6 of Ajax4JSF.

      Thanks in advance.