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    security context doesn't propagate in jboss scheduler

    gnuorg Newbie

      I wrote a scheduler class that implements Schedulable and put it into a .sar file. In the scheduler I called some 3rd party ejb component(deployed fine in jboss and I can acess ejb api with web app) which requires security. I used the 3rd party customized ClientLoginModule to do a login(), I printed out the pricipals and roles in the subject returned from the LoginContext. everything is there, but when I invoke the 3rd party ejb api, it complained both principal and role are null. Obviously the subject is not propagated to the ejb context. I read jboss doc(our company paid for it), seems the subject should be propaged automatically. Did I do anything wrong? thanks a lot for help. I am using jboss-3.2.3.