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    Secure connection to port 1099

    Raj Subramani Newbie

      Most of what I have read about SSL to JBoss is do to with Tomcat.

      For web connection to JBoss/Tomcat, this is acheived (by us) using Apache as the web server (with a digi cert port:443) and jk2 connectot from Apache to Tomcat.

      The web users are public access users.

      However users inside the LAN/WAN using a swing app to connect to JBoss would use port 1099.

      Is there a (native) way of securing comms to this port too.

      At the moment we use a (putty based) ssh tunneling method which proxies locahost:1099.

      However a more direct secure socket would remove the overhead of having to install and configure putty on every (new) client.

      If I have missed any docs already available on this, then any pointers would be apprciated.