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    Filter options


      Is there resource (wiki page, docs) listing the various (servlet) filters that you can use and the params they take?

      I know of org.ajax4jsf.Filter which has a forceparser paramater.

      Thanks :)

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          Ajax4jsf Developer Guide, Chapter #3. . First two tables there.

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            Thanks Sergey!

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              Ah, would it be possible for the constants for those strings to be made public so I can set filter off them?

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                Could you clarify your question?

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                  At the moment, for example, org.ajax4jsf.framework.ajax.xmlfilter.BaseXMLFilter.FORCEXML_PARSER is declared private. Would it be possible for it (and other filter parameters) to be declared public so that I can reference them in another filter.

                  I'm adding an Ajax4jsfFilter to the Seam master filter, so that if a user includes ajax4jsf to their WEB-INF/lib whilst using Seam, then Seam will automatically install the ajax4jsf filter before all it's own filters (this is a constant source of confusion in the Seam forum)