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    Logging login and logout events in 3.2.3

    Ken Kachnowich Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.2.3 and Struts. I would like to save login and
      logout (both manual and time out) to a database. I am using forms
      based authentication and created a custom login module extending
      AbstractServerLoginModule. The first login is save OK, but no logouts
      and no additional logins get saved.

      I added:

      <attribute name="DefaultCacheTimeout">0</attribute>

      to jboss-server.xml, but this caused 4 login and 3 logout events to
      occure on a login.

      I changed jboss-web.xml to look like:

      <security-domain flushOnSessionInvalidation="true">

      but that did not seem to do anything.

      I can run FlushAuthenticationCache from the jmx-console after a
      logout and that seems to work, but I am not sure where to call it
      from the code to handle both manual and timed out logouts.

      Any advise on what I could try? an this be done at all in this
      version of JBoss (there is a major problem with upgrading here).