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    Web Application JAAS and JBOSS Configuration

    Daniel Mueller Newbie


      I'm developing a web application using the struts Framework and Jboss. For authentification and authorization I'd like to use JAAS in a declarative way.
      Up to now I've done the following steps:

      Editing the web.xml


      and building the login-form:

      <html:form action="j_security_check">
       <table border="0">
       <td><bean:message key="label.login.name"/></td>
       <td><html:text property="j_username" /></td>
       <td><bean:message key="label.login.password"/></td>
       <td><html:password property="j_password" /></td>
       <td colspan="2" align="center"><html:submit/><html:cancel/></td>

      I've read some documentations, but I don't now how to proceed. I know that i have to write a LoginModule. I'll use the UsernamePasswordLoginModule. The passwords and usernames are in a database. Can I put the queries in the login() method?

      Another question is where i have to put this module and what else i have to do?

      Thank you very much!