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    Help Regarding JBOSS SSO

    Sohil Shah Master

      Hi Sohil

      Sorry for writing mail to you directly. I am actually working on SSO project for our company and was waiting eagerly for JBOSS SSO.

      I was going through the documents and as our User Info is maintained in database currently so I have to write my own class implementing LoginProvider interface

      But I have few confusions like what exactly is this method

      public Identity read(String username) throws IdentityException;

      I mean Identity Object.

      Would Appreciate if you can please explain me this or point me to some API where I can get reference to such questions.

      Thanks for your help


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          Sohil Shah Master


          The Identity Object signifies a User's Identity related information in the system.

          It carries information like username, password, firstname, lastname, etc.

          If you get the source distribution of the project, this object is available under:


          As a note: all your identity management related classes are found under this component

          Hope this helps.


          JBoss Federated SSO, Lead