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    JBSSO-7 of Jira:

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      Hi Sohil,

      For a project based on jboss (dcm4chee) I worked on the autonomy of a users-module written in ejb3/JSF with Seam I reached a beta stage which allows to:
      - creat, modify, delete users
      - assign and change roles for each of them

      Among the things to improve in my module interface are:
      -- dynamic data validation,
      -- graphical design
      -- paging of the users list (in case they are plenty of them)
      -- possibiliy of defining new roles directly from the dcm4chee-users module

      Would you be interested that I improve this work in order to provide a demo for the task JBSSO-7 of Jira:
      " JSF/JBoss Seam based GUI application that can be used for administering the JBoss FedSSO product. "

      Best greetings,