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    Custom Component with css

      hi all,
      i tried to create my own component using ajax4jsf,
      all works fine,
      now i need some style classes for my component,
      i did :
      1.xcss file into mylib/src/main/resources/org/mycompany/renderkit/html/css

      <u:selector name=".d1">
      <u:style name="width" value="30%"/>
      <u:style name="float" value="left"/>
      <u:style name="border" value="1px solid red"/>
      <u:selector name=".d2">
      <u:style name="width" value="100%"/>
      <u:style name="border" value="1px solid blue"/>

      then into jspx file i have done
      <div class="d1" x:passThruWithExclusions="value,name,type,id,class">
       <div class="d2" x:passThruWithExclusions="value,name,type,id,class">

      but steel does not appear, what i did wrong ???
      is there any additional configuration ????


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          ok i did it Thanks, if we want to use css add this :

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            hi all,
            i looked into tabpanel source code, there is so difficult business logic,
            and write another tabpane which support vertical tabs is not good idea,

            i tried to change source of this component but i can't locate tabs vertically,

            can anybody help me co change this code ?
            i think that this must be into tabpanel.jspx file

            there is define component by html table, i tried to change it all day long but i cant :(
            Please help.
            ilya said that it is good idea to use togglepanel, but i think that changing this components is more easy, for me both of them is difficult :))