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    JBoss and Windows ACL

    J-C jc Apprentice

      My JBoss runs on a Windows system. I develop an intranet application. USers are authenticated using the LDAPExtLoginModule plugged on the active directory of my company.

      Some of the services hosted in JBoss needs to access to windows resources such as file servers, printers, ... Access to this resources are managed in windows active directory.

      My JBoss application server is started with a user that as not necessary all the rights of the user connected in the application. Consequently, some users can not use resources even if they are granted to use these resources for Windows.

      I'd like that my application has the rights of the authentified user in the application (and not the right of the server). A sort of connection to windows for a session.

      Is it possible to do such things with JBoss AS?

      From what I heard, it looks that some products such as Vintella can do that. Is there some open solution ?