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    problem with unacknowledged messages not being redelivered p



      JBoss 2.4.4
      OS X 10.1.2

      I have a situation where I want to be sure that messages will NOT be acknowledged in case there is any failure in dealing with the message (thus setting it up for re-delivery).

      My queue receiver is setup to do CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE.

      My queue receiver is a MessageListener, thus I am receiving messages trough the onMessage() method.

      When I receive the message, and a do not acknowledge it, the message is not re-delivered again...until I shut down JBoss and restart it. Even then, when it is re-delivered, the JMSRedelivered flag is not set to true.

      Is there something I am doing wrong here?

      I've read as much JMS documentation as I can get my hands on (I'll go back over chapter 4 of the JBoss book). This appears to be a bug. Can anyone confirm this?