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      I'm writing a messaging application that uses JBossMQ in JBoss 2.4.3

      I'm running a test that sends about 1,700 messages to JBoss. The size of the messages ranges from 5k to 57k.

      The test consists of a remote client that sends the messages to JBoss via a Session Bean. The Session Bean places the message in a queue. An MDB then processes the messages in this queue.

      I've modified run.bat to allocate 256Mb for JBoss. JBoss ran out of memory after processing 1,644 documents.

      Is there a known memory leak problem in JBoss 2.4.3?

      - Khoa

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          there is one which has been fixed in current 2.4 CVS and will be incorporated into 2.4.5. This is related to EJB locking, see SourceForge bug #504895 for more information.

          i don't know if this is biting you though as the leak is rather slow.

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            Does that version have the message cache feature?? If it doesn't then all those messages allways say in memory until they are consumed.

            With the message cache feature, JBossMQ pages messages out to disk if is running low on memory.


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              is message caching in 2.4.4, if it is where is it configured?

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                I just checked... It is not in 2.4.4
                It is a 3.0 only feature.

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                  Untill a finish the backport ;-)


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                    Please let me know when the backport is available for 2.4.4. I can't use 3.0 for a production application because it's still in Beta.

                    - Khoa

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                      Keep an eay on the forum...


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                        Anyone please let me know that the memory leak fault of
                        JMS/Joss has been fixed or still under investigation.

                        Is 24x7 avaiable on joss/jms

                        many forum in serval jms provider that the stability
                        of jms protocal still un stable for the time being.

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                          All my messages are Durable and are consumed by the MDB immediately after receipt. I've only allocated a maximum 1 MDB. The messages shouldn't be in memory very long so I'm not convinced the message caching will fix the problem. Could the memory leak be somewhere else?

                          Here's a snipet of the architecture

                          - stateless session bean put message in queue
                          - MDB 1 consumes message in queue
                          - MDB 1 creates a worker (ie. stateless session bean), process the message, put message in another queue
                          - MDB 2 consumes message
                          - done

                          - Khoa