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    messaging problems with high load

    rjst Newbie


      I've been experiencing messaging problems with high message load. After a few minutes of receiving several hundreds of messages/minute, jboss crashes, and I can't shut it down. The first sign of problems is an error message with transaction time-out error.

      I have this behaviour with 3.0.6 and 3.0.7 (the latter is a bit better, takes more time to crash).

      I also tried 3.2.0, and found it more stable (perhaps this is related to the queue being stored in hsqldb instead of file?). however, in this version, after I stop the server, sometimes on startup the queue doesn't start, claiming unrecoverable transaction error.

      About the hsqldb implementation, does anyone know if the db is compacted periodically ? My message db grows quickly.

      thanks for any help