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    Queue -> DLQ -> Queue stop/start delivery test

    Adrian Brock Master

      This thread has been constructed to post a test
      of an application thrashing on a message going backwards and
      forwards between a queue and a DLQ.
      It is based on a post on jboss-user.

      The test consists of a MainMDBBean that always rollbacks
      the transaction, forcing the message to the DLQ.

      The DLQMDBBean takes messages from the DLQ and
      sends them back to the main queue using the
      connection factory java:/JmsXA so the send is in the same
      transaction as as the MDB receive.

      Finally the clients are stopping and starting delivery
      both mdbs at random.

      There is also a client that sends a non-persitent message
      to the main queue "queue/TestQueue", the message
      should bound backwards and forwards forever.

      To run the test:
      Download the attached zip file and unzip it.
      Modify build.properties to point at your jboss installation
      > ant
      wait for the mdbs to deploy
      > ant send
      to send the message (the jboss log should show the message
      bouncing backwards forwards)
      In one window
      > ant startstopmain
      to continously start/stop delivery of the main mdb
      in another window
      > ant startstopdlq
      to do the same for the dlq mdb

      This test works for me with jboss-3.2.2RC5

      You can run an alternate test by continously running
      > ant undeploy
      > ant deploy
      to watch what happens as the mdbs go through
      the deployment cycle.