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    avoiding resubmision of forms


      I have few forms on a page and each gets rendered depending on the action on the previous form..my question is how can I avoid resubmitting the on page refrensh...and avoiding the message that gets popped up...

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          It will be more usefull to post page code and explain the problem using it.

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            Maksim Kaszynski Apprentice

            Messages pop up for a reason.
            They pop up, if user got to the page using POST request.
            If form is in POST mode, then messages will surely appear if you refresh the page, because POST requests are used to make application perfrm some work, and it may be very bad to perform that work again. E.g., if you buy a new refrigerator, and hit refresh button at submission screen, you may get two delivered, when you actually need only one :)
            Another option is GET request - you can set form submit mode to GET, and will get very long URL, but now messages on refresh. The drawback here is that you can save resulting url, and try to return the page many times, and the actions - such as fridge purchase will be performed again and again.