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    Could you advice me in File Persistence Manager?

    Beatriz Garcia Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      Like many other users, I was trying to configure JBoss 4.x (my case 4.0.3) to use File PM.
      The explanations in the Administration Guide and in the Wiki were really difficult to understand... all this things related to the "Null Persistence Manager" and "delegate in a real persistence manager".... besides, this warnings about "if there is no persistence manager delegate, the messages WON'T be stored to persistent storage"...
      everything makes you think that there is a way to get File PM, although a complicated way.

      Can you imagine my surprise when after searching and searching I finally arrived to a page that says that JBoss 4.x is not supporting File PM anymore? (let me say here, that this information is not easy to find)

      Don't you think that such a big change should be in "What's new in Jboss 4.0"?
      It must also be included in this beautiful "Product Datasheet" document that you have for announcing the JBoss AS (in capital letters will be the ideal)...

      We wouldn't take into account JBoss for our project if we had known that File PM in not possible, because, why should we install a DB where we don't have, just for keeping some messages? A DB is much more complex for maintaining than a file system (adminstration, upgrading, backups, etc...)

      Could you recommend any persistence manager for use like a delegate for a Null Persistence Manager?

      If File PM is completely impossible with JBoss we will have to give up JBoss, throw into the basket all the work and time spend for taking into consideration JBoss and finally go for one of the "NON-free" JMS providers, but at least with the feature we are interested in.

      Thanks fore read the email in any case,