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    PHP & JBossMQ


      Can php scripts send and receive messages from JBossMQ?
      If yes, HOW? I would appreciate pointers to documentation about
      this. I have googled without much success and the JBoss wiki doesn't
      seem to address this. Having not seen any specific info about this,
      i suspect this is not possible, hopefully that is incorrect!


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          You may want to have a look at


          Since PHP is just a scripting engine as long as you have some library or thirdparty 'middle man' brokering the communication between you and the JMS provider you should be all set.

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            Also here


            Both use MantaRay under the hood.

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              Thanks weston.price. Essentially phpmq is a php client which i assume
              was has been developed in sympathy to MantaRay but "can" work with
              other brokers. I have two concerns about this client. Firstly, the last
              release was in 2004 and it does not have a significant user community, i.e. bug discovery/fixing.

              Secondly, need to use selectors for topics and this feature doesn't seem
              to be available from the documentation.

              Does anybody know of a php client used by the JbossMQ community?

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                Have you considered expose a custom JBossMQ interface as a Webservice and then use php nusoap?

                I´ve already did this with OpenJMS and Xfire.

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                  Thanks for the suggestion but we do not want to go via this route. It seems there is no php client that is commonly used to talk to jbossmq.
                  We will have to use activemq/stomp. Jbossmq looked attractive since
                  it is already installed on our VPS