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    Alert if JBoss Server goes down



      I'm using Jopr 2.2.1. Now I want to create an alert which sends me an email when a JBoss Server is going down. I tried with availability goes down an set the dampening rule once every 2 times condition set is true consecutively.

      I got this alert. Sometimes the JBoss Server went really down but sometimes I got this alert when the JBoss Server wasn't gone down.

      My question now is how I configure an alert which will only be fired when a JBoss Server really goes down and not when it's not available for a short time.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Jopr doesn't record discrete availability data for a resource - it only records changes. So, it'll only tell the server when a server is going down or coming up, the only two possible state changes.

          As a result, you can never have the event GOES DOWN twice in a row. By the very nature of the way data is reported, you'll see GOES DOWN, COMES UP, and then GOES DOWN. This is why your alert isn't working when you try to use dampening.

          This problem has been discussed before on the forums. If you search for availability and/or dampening, you'll find the thread which discusses a few options for this scenario.

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            Thanks. I understand and read a lot in the forums but I couldn't find how to really resolve my intention.

            I only want to get an alert if the JBoss AS Server is really down. Not if there had happended some kind of error within the running AS. The problem is that availability goes down means not automatically that the server was gone down. I get the availability goes down also sometimes if there appeared some kind of error within the running server.

            Now my question is how I have to configure an alert that makes sure I get it only if the JBoss AS Server was really gone down?

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              So it sounds like you're asking for a new type of alert condition that is true "if the JBossAS Server is unavailable for > 3 minutes"?

              By the way, you can see how we check availability for JBossAS Servers by looking at the getAvailability method in the following class:


              Basically, we:

              1) connect to the JNP server
              2) get the "ServerHomeDir" attribute from the "jboss.system:type=ServerConfig" MBean and check its value is valid

              If any of the above steps fails, we consider the server DOWN; otherwise, we consider it UP. Note, a network connectivity issue could cause step 1) to fail, though that would be unusual since the JNP url usually uses a loopback address (e.g.

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                Also note that there's already a feature request that might solve your situation once implemented.: http://jira.rhq-project.org/browse/RHQ-2130.

                You're more than welcome to help us out with analyzing/implementing it.