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    To maven or to make



      we are looking into BlackTie as Tuxedo replacement, which I believe would be the typical audience where to expect the most BlackTie users from, apart from some CICS users, I guess.
      So we are interested in the C and ATMI part (with a bit of Corba and C++) and we are used to using Makefiles. Now on trying to build BlackTie it looks like I have to dig into Maven (which is kind of alien to C, is it?). For building our own applications we would not want to turn away from make.
      I guess you wanted to have a unifying build system for Java and C, whereas I'd prefer to build C++ with what's natural for C++ and Unix. May I plead for including Makefiles that don't delegate to Maven in the C++ modules and samples of BlackTie?


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          Point taken re getting applications to build without delegating to maven. I will take a look at converting the fooapp xatmi c example to illustrate building using raw gcc.

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            Hi Juergen,

            Here is what steps we have taken:

            1. As this is not a step that should be required for end users (unless the distribution is not available on their platform) we have kept the main distribution build of BlackTie as maven.

            2. The user tools do not use Maven to create C XATMI servers and clients. Furthermore, we have bundled a fully configured version of ant in our distributions and wrapped it with generate_server.<sh|bat> and generate_client.<sh|bat> files in the bin folder. These can be called directly from make and do not require the user to install anything other than Java to use them. You can see this on our Wiki article:

            Hopefully this is OK for you?