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    ModelMBean setManagedResource(EJBHandle..)

    Susan Newbie


      I'm trying to manage an ejb by ModelMBean.
      But in HTMLAdapterView of the ModelMBean,
      where should shown the manageable attribute ("number") of the ejb is always the exception:

      javax.management.MBeanException wraps [javax.management.ReflectionException: The method null.getNumber could not be found]

      Maybe something is wrong by setting the ejbHandle:
      Here is my source code

      InitialContext jndiContext = new InitialContext();
      Object ref = jndiContext.lookup("demo/Demo");

      DemoHome home = (DemoHome)
      PortableRemoteObject.narrow(ref, DemoHome.class);

      Demo demo = home.create();
      javax.ejb.Handle handle = demo.getHandle();

      RequiredModelMBean model = new RequiredModelMBean();
      model.setManagedResource(handle, "objectReference");

      Any help is welcome! Thank you very much...


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          Trevor Squires Novice

          Hi Susan,

          First off, you've not told us what JMX agent you are using...

          Secondly, you're setting the managed object type as "objectReference" when you really mean "EJBHandle".

          If you're using JBossMX I'm pretty sure that support for this has not quite yet been added...


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            Susan Newbie

            Thanks for your reply!
            Yes, I forgot to tell, that I'm using the jmxri.jar (SUN RI), which includes the class RequiredModelMBean.

            I read, that it is possible to manage EJBs or other applications with the requiredModelMBean.

            But I didnt found a way how to set ManagedResource.

            I looked in the source code of the methode "setManagedResource" from RequiredModelMBean (JMX RI 1.0), but there is only the type "objectReference" allowed .

            Is it now really possible to manage an ejb or application with modelmbeans? Or would it be a feature for the future?

            Thanks in advance

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              Adrian Brock Master

              The JMX RI does not support EJBHandle.

              We will be adding support for this to JBossMX, but it
              is in not there yet.