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    Notification.getSource() what should it return?


      Hi, guys,

      I am reading up on Juha's book while trying to build something on top of JMX. On page 61 (Chapter 3) it says that getSource() returns an object which is an ObjectName reference to the MBean that broadcast the notification.

      I thought that it means that it basically returns an ObjectName (or something castable to it). Well, it does not! It seems to be returning a reference to the MBean, i.e. a pure java reference to the underlying object that implements the MBean. As soon as Notifications get delivered remotely, this becomes worthless. Did I misunderstand the book? Is this a bug?

      (I am using JBoss 3.0.0RC1 with whatever version of JBossMX it is using but it seems that the latest snapshot in CVS still does the same). I was not able to find anything in the specification or elsewhere to resolve this.


      Anatoly Akkerman.