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    HELP! Redeploying webapps - how's it done?

    Paul Casanova Newbie

      I have been trying to find out for months how/if the following can be done, without success.
      I have a webapp which can't be hotdeployed as a war file because it requires some classpath infomation to be specified in a props file using relative paths. That's not the problem.

      When I change some of the servlets (bug fixes etc), if I don't stop/start JBoss/Tomcat, I get "Proxy" exceptions (as expected because the classes differ), and I therefore have to manually restart JBoss to reload the webapp. This is a pain because an ISP is hosting this, which means I have to arrange for them to restart JBoss.

      Is there ANY way that non-hotdeployed webapps can be reloaded/redeployed remotely (eg via 8082) without restarting JBoss?

      Any assistance with this would be REALLY appreciated.