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    Create and access RMI interface on MBean

    paulmoore100 Newbie

      I want to make a MBean that has an RMI interface separate from its MBean interface. Using 3.2.2rc3

      Have read every doc I can get my hands on, free and for pay. Wading into the source code is the next choice - but there's a lot of it :-)

      This cannot be a new request. Previously I asked if this JBoss would make this happen by magic and the answer was no. Now I am trying to do it by hand and cannot even see where to start.

      I have a MBean running fine.
      I define the rmi interface.
      now what

      Does 4.0 add any more magic to this?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Look in chapter2 at the detached invokers.


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            paulmoore100 Newbie

            Yup - got it, and found coupl of bugs in code (posted and now fixed) and docs.

            Using the RMI adapter as the sample RMI invoker is incredibly confusing - it took me several reads to realize that the code listed was not showing me how RMI invoker is implemented but an example of how to do RMI invoke in general. A simple hello world would have been a much better example.

            Main thing missing in the docs is that you must implement getMethodMap in your beans interface

            Having got it working now I have to say it works well. Good job jboss.

            I was wondering if callbacks will work or not - I need to work on that. Or maybe I should use the RMI adapter / notification interface