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    Some questions regarding MBean


      Hi, I am new to MBeans so please bear with me.
      Are the MBeans in JBoss singletons ? And if so, does JBoss serialize access to it or do I have to manage concurrency ( synchorized, etc ) myself ? For example : if I have attribute A which can be modified through the JBoss MBean console, how do I make sure that I am accessing the attribute correctly ?

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          If you only register the MBean once to the MBean server then it is a "singleton" in that sense that there are no other instances of it (so there are no pools of instances servicing that one object name).

          Of course you can register the same instance more than once if you so decide.

          The MBean server does not synchronize access to an MBean. In case of concurrent requests you need to deal with synchronization.

          -- Juha