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    Schedule Problems


      Hi everybody,
      I'm writing this message to know if has anyone had this same kind of problem of mine...

      I have 11 classes that implements Schedule and run under jboss-3.2.6. They work fine on developer environment, but not on client environment.

      These services has a regularity time to execute, defined on jboss-service.xml file.

      The problem is that some services are being stopped by something, on different times. I can verify this through the log. I log all actions since "perform" method is called, but at some times, log simply doens't show any log message, and the services stops.

      Have anyone ever had this same problema? Or, does anyone know what can be happining???

      Thank you

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          Hi Liss am not answering your question instead asking you some help for solving my problem

          I have two scheduled componets first one ececuting every five second and the other every 8 seconds supppose second one takes more time say 5 seconds.

          I expect the first one to come up again around the tenth second which is not happening it starts running only after the second component finishes its processing . iS THIS a confguration problem or something else