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    JMX remote deploy to ${jboss.server.lib.url}



      Is it possible to use JMX to remotely deploy an artifact to the ${jboss.server.lib.url} directory?

      I need to deploy an oracle driver...



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          This doesn't directly answer your question but... JBoss Operations Network has the capability to deploy any artifact/file to any directory under your JBossAS installation. This capability was added for just this use-case - deploying JDBC drivers, wars, ears, etc. to remote JBossAS servers.

          That said, sure - you can deploy an MBean that has an operation that takes a byte[] array of the file contents and writes that contents to a local file. Then you remotely call that MBean passing in the file contents. Of course, the file can't be too large since you have to load it all in memory. And you'd have to worry about things like - do you need to restart the server in order to pick up the new library.