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    Setting up a productive (not-to-restart) jboss/tomcat

    Michael Wyraz Newbie

      Is it possible to set up jboss/tomcat for a productive environment that needs no restart for installing new application? That means:

      * adding and removing jdbc datasources on the fly (without changing jboss.jcml and restarting)
      * deploying an ear that is loaded into jboss and into tomcat and creates a new (name-based) virtual host (that would need a host-name configuration in META-INF/application.xml in the .ear)
      * adding and removing of ear files and databases should only affect the application that uses this files and should not affect the other applications running in jboss.

      This would be very important for running jboss/tomcat on a productive multi-domain server.

      Thank you. Michael.