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    JDK1.4 problems

    Kristian Rickert Newbie

      It seems as though the JDK1.4 has compilation problems with the development build. I did the egrep and changed all the suggestions that were asked, but was still getting an error.

      But since I changed it to the JDK 1.3, the build was successful. Thus, I'll just use that build with JDK1.4 (or just move to JDK1.3).

      Since this was a development build, I don't find it to be a problem. In fact, the compilation errors I was getting were minor (i.e. I could just go in the code and chage what's necessary).

      But this brings up a good point: what's the jboss process to get the code to compile under JDK1.4? Is there anything I can do to help? Would it be a good idea to make a CVS branch for the JDK 1.4 files, so those with 1.4 on development (which I suppose we will all eventually go to) can easily get a codebase from cvs, without making code changes?

      I imagine the JBoss users of these builds will eventually have to cross a "flag day" where they have to begin supporting JDK1.4 instead - at which point the code should all be 1.4-able with comments for the 1.3 people instead. Any plans for how this can get done?

      I can make suggestions for such a process, but since I'm not a committer that wouldn't be a good idea :)

      Is there a better way to prevent these problems?