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    OSGi WebApps on JBossWeb



      OSGi webapps are currently deployed onto jboss-osgi-webapp, which contains an embedded PAX-Web WAR extender that in turn delegates to the PAX-Web provided WebContainer based on Jetty.

      In the future, OSGi webapps should be handled by JBossWeb and be deployed onto the JBoss embedded Tomcat instance.

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          "Burr" wrote:

          Will this feature allow me to have 2 of the same .war files deployed at the same time but with different version numbers and with possibly different implementations?

          If so, how will we "route" requests to the right version of the .war file?

          If so, how will we handle http session replication across a cluster, like when the 2 versions of the .war file have slightly different implementations of POJOs that used in the session (e.g. ShoppingCart, UserProfile)?

          I would assume that the deployment name would have to be different (i.e. mywebapp_v1.war, mywebapp_v2.war). Each webapp would have to be deployed to its own http context.

          OSGi Package-Import manifest headers would make sure that each webapp is wired to the correct implementation