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    Richard Doust Newbie

      I'm in the process of trying to bring my application up using the latest JBoss_3_1_0_1 code. I have a job that I can run that sends emails to customers under some circumstances. When I try to run this job, I get an exception that says:
      Can't find SerialContextProvider
      I don't know what this is and can't find much about it on the web. Sun says that your J2EE server must be running. I see that the class is in the com/sun/enterprise/naming package and there's probably some kind of factory that needs to be set up to create the appropriate com.sun.enterprise.naming.SerialContextProvider implementation, but I can't find where this gets specified in the JBoss stuff.
      If anyone can tell me where I should look to find more info, I'd appreciate it.
      Thanks in advance.

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          Richard Doust Newbie

          I was doing some further research and found some other info on the JBoss forums on this topic. Someone suggested that we replace j2ee.jar with jboss-j2ee.jar. I did this and had problems creating NamingContextFactory. Then I tried putting both jars in the path, jboss-j2ee first. This got me an exception that no security.properties file exists in a directory at ../config relative to the location of the jboss-j2ee.jar. I would appreciate it if someone could send me to a place where I can read about what I need to do to get this working again.

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            Eugene Zaydens Newbie

            I had that same problem when I was invoking the InitialContext without any properties passed to the constructor. What fixed the problem was specifying the JBoss parameters:

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              CL Gilbert Newbie

              good catch and post rdoust! I started using the jboss j2ee file and this went away.