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    dynamically add env resources

    Eric Hansen Newbie

      Is there a way to add ejb references dynamically to a web application?

      For example, I need to develop a networked array of sub systems that all have their 'stand-alone' capabilities, including a JBoss server, database, etc. When one of these systems is brought on-line, It would publish its existence (and available resources) to the 'Main' server - which would then add them to its environment.

      More specifically, this sub-system would have a database that the main server will want to query from time to time. It would be cool if I could use JMS to notify the Main Server of the sub-system's existence and establish a connection to the database (or maybe entity beans) via jndi lookups into the sub-system's namespace. It is my understanding that all of these references are configured in the deployment descriptors (like web.xml) in the Main server... but can new references be added on the fly???

      Thanks for any ideas...