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    Starting JBoss from an ANT script isn't working, seeking adv

    sam Newbie

      Well I know that in order to Start JBoss, I can execute the run.bat file.
      But I would like to start JBoss from an ANT script.
      There seems to be a problem somewhere in my ANT script which I cannot figure out and I need your help. When I execute this script from any directory, my console gives a huge output with the last message that looks like something like this
      "INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [3.0.4 Date:200211021607] Started in 0m:9s:354m"

      Then when I got to the browser and execute
      http://sagi:8080/jmx-console/index.jsp it doesn't seem to work, but if I drop this ant script in the jboss/bin folder, and execute this ant script, everything is fine. Can someone point out what is wrong or missing in this script.